SoundVibe and what it can do for you


The Soundvibe playback software is based on the high end Adobe Air platform and it is the most modern technology available for music playback. Through out our experienced developers and partners, we guarantee that we will continue to monitor the technological insights in order to upgrade and modernize the software and our services in general.

The soundvibe software shafles the contents of our lists of songs in order not to play consecutive tracks from the same artist or from the same album. It also gives you the ability to reconfigure the content of the lists, one by one, so when it is time to play back the list again, the tracks contained therein, to be heard in a totally different order.

The calendar function gives us the capability to organize the weekly music program for you according on the musical needs of the venue . So even if you are not present you will know what kind of music is playing in your store.

You have the ability to play your own spots or recorded commercials. In the main screen of the software we can display yours or your sponsors logo, a wallpaper of your choice or even playback video for promotional purposes.

If you want the sound vibe player can be protected with a secure password, in order to have access on the music only you and the designated staff that you choose to manage the software.